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At CRSE Group, we often encounter businesses, teams, Boards or leaders who are stuck in overwhelm. They are busy with their day to day organisational needs, struggling with demand or lacking the time to ‘level up’. These leaders or teams have a vision for what they want to accomplish, but lack the capacity or the resources to get to their goal.

CRSE Group helps your business by providing high quality, skilled and trusted professionals who will work with you to meet your needs.

When you engage CRSE Group, you remove the hassle or fuss of direct employment whilst experiencing all the benefits of the business improvements you are trying to achieve.

what we do

All of our consulting services begin with a discovery session to learn more about your business, your goals and your pain points. We spend time with you and your team cutting through to the heart of the matter and identifying barriers to success and the ways to overcome them. After this, we journey with you, guiding you through facing your challenges head on and achieving your goals. We keep you focussed on your vision and navigate you to a successful end goal.

Whether your business needs are one-on-one, team-based or organisation wide, we have the experience and high quality skilled professionals to guide you through a range of challenges and services, such as:

Strategic Planning

CRSE Group can assist your business at any stage with its strategic planning and governance model. Whether your business is a start-up or well established, we can walk you and your team through the process of setting goals, undertaking analysis, and creating a blueprint for your business’s future. From creative design to business development, governance and policy frameworks or procurement we are experts in navigating processes for complex situations.

Leadership Development

Experienced in short or long term project management, our team can undertake your business projects and collaborate with your leadership team to help develop their skills through innovation support. Mentoring with CRSE Group aims to develop you or your business leaders in growing their skills and gain new perspectives which can in turn assist them to make positive and strong business decisions. We can also provide specialist training in the areas of customer service, both standard expectations and dealing with members of a vulnerable population, and relationship-based grant and tender applications. Courses are available in these areas; please contact us to find out more.

People & Culture

People and culture is at the very heart of what we do. CRSE Group will support you in developing systems for safe, secure, effective, and inclusive employment. Our team will introduce technical, enterprise and personal development skills for a service-oriented workforce suited for retail, supply chain or any corporate environment. Stakeholder engagement and change management are critical components of successful and positive people and culture development. CRSE Group team members can help you develop an engagement and change management approach that keeps your people and your service at the forefront of your business.

Evaluation & Impact

CRSE Group can undertake research within, or on behalf of your business. Passionate about evaluation and impact, we can help gain insights into ‘the bigger picture’, consolidate results and translate them into actions that inform strategy, funding applications and more. Through exploration of business models or service models in the context of professional practice frameworks, our evaluation frameworks can provide you or your business with impact maps to inform theories of change that guide your way forward. To support research, CRSE Group can assist with developing or informing ethics committee applications for further research and evaluation to take place.
and more...

Ethics Position Statement

CRSE Group is proud to provide all clients with our Ethics Position Statement on Conduct of Projects to give confidence in our ethical approach and our working relationships.
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how we do it

CRSE Group provides complex strategy, evaluation, business development and learning and development services underpinned by a unique 5 step social action research methodology that draws upon creative design(1), systems thinking(2) and reflective emergence(3):

Opportunity Framing and Stakeholder Mapping

What is the opportunity/problem and for whom are we solving it?

What is?

Learning from the 'current state' from different parts of the system (structural and human) e.g., community, decision makers, contributors etc

What if?

Exploring what's possible within the situational context

What wows?

Exploring the utopian through storytelling, visualisation and surfacing key assumptions to test

What works?

Sense checking through data triangulation, critical analysis, collective sensemaking and co-design - separating and exploring knowns from unknowns in consideration of external and internal pressures to the system

Reflective emergence

What are we learning along the way? How do we process unexpected changes? How does that value add to the process?

(1)Adapted Liedkta, Ogilvie and Brozenske (2014) The Designing for Growth Field Book. Columbia University Press
(2) Adapted learnings from Jackson (2003) Systems Thinking: Creative Holism for Managers
(3) A term coined by Principal Consultant that describes the conscious act of self-reflection throughout a project to create space and nurture the unexpected

why choose us

As a social enterprise, you can feel good choosing a consulting business that is passionate about giving back. We do this by offering pro bono services through a structured application process that ensures we are helping the charities that truly need us.

We also work hard to disrupt recruitment bias by employing highly qualified and skilled people who might otherwise face barriers to gaining employment. Through their experience with CRSE Group and working for you, we celebrate our team and provide them with opportunities to broaden their professional portfolios. This often leads to amazing, stable employment opportunities in their future. To learn from others who have chosen us, read our case studies here.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support you or your business.

P 0409 214 202
E admin@crsegroup.com

ABN 78 650 895 579

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Acknowledgement of Country
CRSE Group acknowledges the traditional Custodians of the Land on which we each operate, and recognise the continuing connection to Lands, Waters and Community. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures; and to Elders past, present and emerging.

CRSE Group operates as a social enterprise for inclusive leadership.
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